acoustic guitar for sale

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hey im selling my acoustic guitar :)

i already got rid of my first acoustic guitar i got from my uncle and now im selling my second guitar.

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and another reason why im selling it is because my guitar teacher (kuya benjo) advised me not to play any acoustic guitar from now on especially if i want to focus on shredding (fast plucking/picking). i'm only allowed to play electric or classical(nylon) guitars (i'll have 3 guitars - 2 electric, 1 classical - once i sell this acoustic).

again, my acoustic guitar is for sale.

click for the friendster classifieds version

this guitar is good.

it's a durango acoustic guitar made in china.
(yeap, hindi lang electronics ang made in china)

i was surprised when i learned that it was made in china. i never thought that chinese guys would make good instruments :P hehe

anyhow, i bought it 2 years ago because of its warm tone. it sounds good and still looks good too. i clean the guitar with pledge. the shine is still there and although it has some scratches, it still looks new (thanks to pledge.. hehe). :) i only changed this guitar's strings twice (using d'addario strings)

it comes with a soft case and the good thing about this guitar is that it has d'addario exp (extended play) light phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings. these strings are one of the best strings for an acoustic guitar. it costs around 750php [more expensive than the electric guitar strings! (which would cost around 300-450php)]. :P

the price: 4k, negotiable

for more details, you could just post a comment on this entry or you could im me on ym (id: daphne_pretty).

thanks! :D
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Culture Crash in the States

Hey! I was just wondering if anybody knows how I could get my hands on Culture Crash comics in the States. I haven't been to the Philippines in a while, and got into culture crash because my uncle gave me some issues the last time I visited some 4 years ago.
atashi no ouji-sama


kumusta fellow CC fans. ^^ (hi to daphnerakstar ^^) Asteeg. May LJ community pala ang CC. nnn... ano kaya sasbihin ni Kuya James kapag nalaman niya? ^^ Ako nga pala si Kana. sige! dozo yoroshiku!
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Genki Geeks!

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This product of brain damage was brought to you by Genki Geeks. Here's a quick sample of what we do. Hope you enjoy! :D More of this madness in our journal. Add us if you wish! Additional pimping is greatly appreciated - we exist to make people laugh, so spread the love! ^_^

(about the title - it's because we're Fine Arts students)

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Hello! My name is Kristelle Siarza, a fellow filipina in New Mexico. I have a favor to ask all the Filipinos in America – can you all do this survey, and can you forward it to your friends and family?! This is major research that will definitely affect the Filipino people, so I need everyone’s help as soon as possible.

Thank you and maraming salamat!


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